Kerrville Folk Festival Oral History Project

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      Welcome to the Kerrville Folk Festival Oral History Project.

      When I start looking through the lists of Kerrville festivals, my mind dates everything in terms of relationships, healing, death, prosperity and losses. FOr me, I had no other particular schedule that I followed for many years execept that in May I would return to Kerrville, Texas for the Festival. The history of the Kerrville Folk Festival has been told in part by Rod Kennedy in his book, Music From The Heart. It has also been somewhat documented by Dyanne Fry Cortez' book Hot Jams and Cold Showers and Lee Green's CD of stories, See Those Rocks.... I am documenting the history of the Kerrville Folk Festival (and related festivals) in regards to its most unique aspect:

     The Volunteer Staff !

     These volunteers are the most renowned non-permanent volunteer staff of any festival anywhere. This chronicle this will serve a dual purpose of being instructional for anyone who wants to start up a venture such as the Kerrville Folk Festival and it will be a memory book for the staff to enjoy.

What I hope to document

     Besides these, I would like to annotate some of the bigger projects that involved the volunteer staff, such as:
      Although perhaps of a more incidental nature, I would like to chronicle: