had a wonderful shrimp dinner; they had big red steaks. I think I provided charming witty and insightful conversation though it may have just seemed that way due to drunkenness. They certainly provided me with the best meal I'd had in weeks, enjoyable company, the means to get home, pay Melanie more than 5 dollars for a day's work, AND buy wondrous health food to cook a phat feast for our hosts and the kids on Ash Wed, our last night there. When dinner was done and the after dinner Zambrusco, they would've liked me to hang with them more, but I needed to return the costume and get out of the quarter b4 midnight...important Mardi Gras safety tip: you are likely to go to jail if you are on the streets past midnight on Fat Tues.So the Michaelgents walked me to where I was going and said goodnight and it was all safe and groovy...we all got something we needed and gave something we had and that, children was the Mardi Gras Miracle. I love a happy ending, don't you?