Ky Hote on the Threadgill Stage I do have a few words to say before this next song comes up. Because I wanted to say some things that I've been hearing whispered around campfires... and of course the subject matter is freedom of speech. Because the freedom of speech is much greater than the freedom to whisper. Now there's been a lot of increased security influences at this festival as, uh most of you may know... some of you know that. And, uh, a couple of people did get arrested this festival as a matter of fact. It has been said that they were the kinda few bad apples in a basically drug free festival. But I would personally have to say that they are scapegoats and hostages in a war that pits a class against another. (large applause) Com'n, I've only got 8 minutes now...
Classism, or the perpetuation of a society of tiers, is a very subtle process. In a society set up by musicians, for instance, one might discriminate against another by which instruments they play. Or whether or not they write songs or not.
In America, in the United States, part of the class structure has to do with which of the harmful substances are illegal and which aren't. For instance, I work at the store. I sell beer, Coca Cola, coffee, none of which are good for you,
but I'm not worried about getting arrested for it.
I heard that in Dallas that if you want to get in a drug rehabilitation program you either have to have a lot of money or if you go to prison. So think about the polarity of those 2 choices now. You can have a lot of money or you can go to prison.
Now the subject at hand is freedom of speech and so I was thinking about dedicating this song to all the Narcs in the audience because, as Arlo Guthrie said, they have it rough. 'Cause if I did that, you know, (to the Narcs) you couldn't just, you know, nudge the guy next to you, "Wow that song's for me!"
But ah, the subject at hand is freedom of speech as opposed to freedom of whispering so I want to be clear about what we're talking about. We're talking about that we all know how easy it is to talk about all the great things here: This is the best family in the world... the best music in the world.
We also need to speak up when things seem unfair or unjust.
So in that vein, I want to dedicate the next song to
Mary Brice, Tiffany and Steve and Blaze Foley.
Owl on the Threadgill stage

Photos by Merri Lu Park 1997   Text by Ky Hote 1995