Leonid (Lee) Filimonov III came to America with his parents who, being of royal heritage, emigrated here from Russia to escape the Revolution. Our relationship with Lee, began on the streets of Keene, NH when he asked Owl to pose for him. Upon visiting his small room in a boarding house, we found the walls decorated with 4 amazingly creative and expressive works combining painting and mixed media. When we returned 2 weeks later, these pieces were gone and others were in their place.

     "These are beautiful also.. but what happened to the first batch?" He explained that he had thrown them away because he had no room for them and besides, they weren't satisfactory to him anyway. So we began collecting and displaying his work in our apartment. Thus began the relationship between the penniless patrons of the schizophrenic artist.

     The relationship was symbiotic in that his works graced our concert stages and album covers. When we left Keene, we took as many photgraphs as we could since we only travel with a few works. This website gallery (under construction)is an attempt to further feature Lee's works to a new cyber audience.

The Artwork of Lenonid Filimonov III

Each piece here is displayed on a seperate page so as to minimize download time.
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  1. Coyote; mixed media 1
  2. Female Portrait 1; painting 1
  3. Ky Hote; mixed media 2; held by artist's hands
  4. Ky & Owl 1; (cover art for Pixy's Pleasure)
  5. Portrait 2; painting 2; held by artist
  6. Owl; (cover art for Opus Won)
  7. Ky & Owl 2; (cover art for Melange)
  8. Ky & Owl 3; (a CD idea)