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featuring the songs of Ky Hote in guitar, bass and drums
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The Ky Hote Experience
       Before they used the term “Americana,” Ky Hote was traveling the country with his guitar singing about his experiences and expressing himself in many styles. He is a humorist and a visionary whose work often comments on relationships and the world that we share. The day after John Lennon died, he was on the drag in Austin singing about peace and despair. Since then he has been a staple at the Kerrville Folk Festival and a legend in his own mind.
       In 2003 he began hosting George Harrison Tributes in Austin and New York City and thus working with drummers and bass players to bring true “rock and roll” into the mix. That’s how he met drummer Ric Furley and bassist Allan Gill. After completing a Tribute to George they started working on Ky’s vast catalog of original songs. Many of the songs come to life in a new way: dance-able, brash and electric.
       The Ky Hote Experience get their name with respect to power trios (guitar, bass and drums) before them, and because a concert featuring the songs, observations and dangerous guitar playing of Ky Hote is an experience you won’t want to miss.

The Music
       Of course we love to play lots of George Harrison songs! Ky Hote has a vast catolog of originals in all kinds of moods and styles. Some of their favorite moods are brash, sweet and silly. Genres include lots of blues and blues-influenced licks, modern reggae, rock, folk and even the classical masters have an influence here. Tempos include dance-able tunes, including waltzes and songs that will give you pause to reflect. Nothing drags and nothing assaults the senses. The Ky Hote Experience is an engaging stage act that brings the audience into the mix.

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