the many sides of
Ky Hote
                         performed with:
Michelle Shocked                     Dar Williams
 Suzanne Vega                           Greg Brown
Gretchen Phillips                     David Amram
  Danny Dolinger                  Casselbury-Dupree
    Recording Artist:  
Radio Credits:
In Austin, Texas:
Live Set (1988 & 1995), Folkways, Eclecticos,
Texas Radio Show (KUT­FM)
JB & Sandy Show (KMAX), Olin Murrell Show Other Appearances include: The Yukon, WA, CO, NY, MA, & NH
Hosted Folk Is!on WKNH·FM (1991·1994)
Keene, NH´s premier folk music show

guests included:
John Hartford     Aztec Two­Step
Rick Danko     Tom Rush
Julianna Hatfield     Dar Williams
Fred Small     Kristina Olsen
Trout Fishing In America
Please Choose One (1978)
Folk­Singer´s Log 11/30 (1979)
Austin Blues (1981)
Love On Your Mind (1983)
Live & Unfettered (1989)
Melange (1995)

    w/ Owl Morrison
Appearances on Compilations:
Stone Soup (1984)
Austin Unknowns (1985)
   Unclassified Christmas (1995)
Cable TV Credits:
"Austin Stories" MTV (1997)
"The Bob Cohen Show" NYC (1976)
"Coca Crystal Show" NYC (1983, 1984)
"Hank Sinatra Presents" Austin (1986)
"Inside Austin" (1993)
Album Producer
Circles by Gretchen Phillips (1979)
Stone Soup by various Austin artists (1995)
CPC After Lunch Singing Tape (1991)
featuring staff & campers of Circle Pines Summer Camp Barnstormers Unclassified Christmas
by various Austin artists (1995)
                Published Works:
Where have I Heard This   Before? (1988)
A songbook of fifteen original songs with
           lyrics, music & tablature

 for solo piano:
        Sonata #3 (A Love Story) (1994)
         Russian Episodes (1997)     
   Indiana Autumn (1995)     for 4 flutes

Assorted Music Articles       (1983­1997)

            Austin Chronicle, Austin Songwriter Newsletter,
            FAME Online CD Reviews, The Equinox
Classical Credits:
Received BA in Music Composition, Magna Cum Laude, Keene State College (1994)
Arrangement of 12 Days of Christmas featured by KVUE News, Austin (1995)
Original Composition, Sonata Primera chosen as opening song for KSCTV News (1994)
Lectured at 23rd Annual Conference Northeast Region of the National Collegiate Honors Council:
"The Power of Music"
Written works for guitar, piano, handbells, woodwinds, strings, brass, percussion ensemble,
concert band, MIDI generated instruments and other ensembles