I have known Merri Lu Parks as a photographer and spiritual advisor at the Kerrville Folk Festival for over 15 years and now she is a published author! Her book is called Menopause: Time For A Change
          Menopause is a normal transition for a woman's body - one which should be approached naturally. But for years the medical establishment has perceived menopause to be a form of illness or disease.
         Merri Lu tears down this wall of ignorance in her latest edition of Menopause Time For A Change. Through careful research and a wonderful sense of humor, she explores the menopause experience and offers suggestions for proceeding through it naturally.
         Natural alternatives discussed include: nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, vitamin and mineral supplements, plant based estrogen and progesterone creams, and bodywork. She also examines the pros and cons of replacement therapy.
         It is published by Alive Books and available in health food stores and book stores across Canada and the United States. Call Alive Books at 1-800-663-6513 for the nearest dealer near you or to become a dealer yourself.
         Merri Lu and her husband Rick currently live in Hawaii and are working on getting E-mail. Until then feel free to contact us and we will forward messages and inquiries.
         Meanwhile here's a page with pictures of us by Merri Lu Park