This Brian QTN Cutean Fan website is officially closed. I know this was the first place he parked himself on a cyber couch but hes moved on and so will you if just get patient. His brother got him set up with a nice condo over at QTNRG.ORG (the organized kind of suffix) - so you will be automatically transferred there in the blink of a cyber eye. I still like him and besides I got these pictures here. Brhino and I go back further back than we can remember on a short term basis. I was immediately attracted to him via his great comicbook collection that started at A and went on beyond Zebra. It was so good that he sold it and there I was still hanging around his house eating strawberries. I sold a comic book collection once and the purchaser went on to become the publisher of DC comics. No joke. so there we are struck 2 or 3 times by lightning and still standing amongst the Austin music scene in 1980 when in December they taped an access TV show there featuring Brian, Rory McLeod, Slyver Stodsgill and I'm not sure who all. I was enjoying a beer (or 3 or 9) with my buddy Gary Stedman during the post concert jam, when Jerry came out and said they had to close the bar because John Lennon had just been shot. So Brian and I shared that even before the comics. Since that we've shared the Threadgill stage, the post Kerrville reunion gigs (including the Underground Kerrville revue, which Brian holds the distinction of the only performer asked by Owl and I to open the show twice. He was asked back on the occasion of the 15th anniversary, year 2000. Brian followed me around for days and one day he went off hitchhiking and I remember seeing him in Emily's kitchen returned with new eyes. I remember him telling me that the cool thing about hitchhiking is that every ride you get in, you could be a completely different person if you wanted. Hmmm.... I've got a wide load of bootleg material that he recorded in home machines everywhere including stuff he recorded on his 4 track of other people. I would have more except for a box of tapes that got lost on a greyhound bus journey and turned from a collection of rare and valuable and emotional tapes to $500 with which to purchase the car Raphael that took Owl and I to Kerrville in 1991. I apologize for lost facts but one time Brian lived in Hyde Park somewhere in one of those small streets coves in the area of 45th street or so. He traveled in one place so well, I admired him greatly: meeting his rent and wondering where the next gig will be. Now he cabins in the mountain of Oregon and I admire him still. Somehow the summit of the hill above the Kerrty store became a sacred place. No one meant for it to happen, but Crow Johnson camped up there long ago and her music was so ethereal and earthy, the campfires tended to be more songwriterly and quietly resonating. Then when Stan Rogers sang so much there the day before he died, The Crow's Nest had already been christened. Crow hasn't attended for many years and now it is commonly referred to as Crow's Nest, where Brian tends the fire. This time may be passing too, but it is noteworthy to remember how Brian tends the fire. Some of my favorite things Brian does are the instrumentals he makes up on that lovely Gibson guitar of his. That would not be the only reason he is a national treasure. His pulse (he's got) of the creative and responsible upward trend in the new age on the block and besides he smoked cigarettes with Odetta. Anyway we're glad you were here. Come back and visit. Meanwhile have fun at Yours, Ky Hote