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Album photos taken by Beth Ann Broadhurst

    Featuring songs by these composers:
    Ky Hote
    (A Minstrel's Life For Me, Moses Freed the Slaves & Rum Diddle Tiddle)
    Michael Peter Smith
    (The Princess and the Frog) (Bird Avenue. Publishing Company, ASCAP)
    Michelle Shocked
    (St. Anne's Reel)
                  ADMINISTERED BY BUG)

    Donna Stjerma (of Still on the Hill)
    (These Two Arms)
    Malcolm Smith (1951-1996)
    (Lie Lie Lie)
    Michael Gartner (of Wolgemut)
    (Bear Dance pt. 3)

    Mostly recorded at
    Barnstormers Studios, Austin, TX,
    additional recording at
    jimusic mobile digital studios

    1) Mairi's Wedding/Over the Waterfall
    2) These Two Arms
    3) Childgrove
    4) A Minstrel's Life For Me
    5) Moses Freed the Slaves
    6) Cantiga 281
    7) Campbells Farewell/Horses Bransle
    8) St. Anne's Reel
    9) Keroboushka
    10) Tarwaithe Phantasie
    11) The Princess and the Frog
    12) Simple Gifts
    13) A-Beggin I Will Go/Little Beggarman
    14) Rum Diddle Tiddle
    15) Whiskey Before Breakfast
    16) Bear Dance/Nonesuch/Lie Lie Lie

    Available at Waterloo Records, Austin, TX

Ky Hote releases Traditional Music album
"A Minstrel's Life"

       Noted Songwriter and Guitar player Ky Hote recently released his first album of mostly traditional and instrumental music.
       "A Minstrel's Life" features thirteen songs in the public domain, three songs that are composed by Ky Hote and also songs by Michelle Shocked, Michael Peter Smith and Donna Stjerna of the Folkgrass duo, Still On the Hill. The completely instrumental selections include one completely improvised tune featuring the Dangerous Guitar Playing of Ky Hote.
       Imagine if you will... strolling down the lane in a time where electricity and motor vehicles are non-existent. The printed word is still a wealthy person's realm and there is no television or internet! Life is hard and pleasures few, but you might come across a crowd of people listening to a minstrel such as Ky Hote. His songs and stories bring the news from far away lands and his humor helps the day go by.
       Ky Hote has been called The Most Dangerous Guitar Player at Renaissance Festivals across the United States.
While other guitar players rely on open tunings and amplified effects, Ky is out of the box with his adventurous arrangements of Celtic, Gypsy, Old Timey American tunes as well as the improvisations of his muse. He is featured in the hammered dulcimer band Featherstone and fearlessly leads a power-celtic group, Celtic Stronghold.
       Listening to A Minstrel's Life is much like running across Ky Hote in the lanes of a Renaissance Faire. It will surprise you, make you laugh and bring comfort to your heart with its familiarity.

Here is what fans and contributors have said after receiving their copy:

"A Minstrel's Life. Great job! You've really kept the 4/4 troubadour spirit alive!"
...Michelle Shocked

"Your version of These Two Arms is just beautiful. Donna is so thrilled that you chose to record it. Really good picking and it takes you on quite a journey. Wonderful!"
...Donna Stjerna and Kelly Mulhollan of Still on the Hill

"The humor and songs are great and the guitar work makes my ears smile. It's a very satisfying listen."
...Daren Appelt

"I have... had head space time to take a listen and it is wonderful. I am transported much of the listening dreaming inside movie time to Ireland. My favorite place to tour with the music. I've been over there many, many times and just love the people and the street music and classic Irish music.... You have such a heart and precise simplicity that I would embrace, even if we weren't such old friends and mentors of each other. Thank you for continuing to expand your gift and talent and sphere of love."
... Rex Foster

"Your CD came today. Sounds awesome. Would love to have you onboard (for our) 2011 opening."
... Kris Sabbatino, co-producer of Flagler-Palm Coast Renaissance Festival

...Leah LaChapelle, author, radio show host

"have very much found the cd to be of life and warmth. have not grown tired of or feel that i will anytime soon. thank you much and continued success to your multiple musical endeavors and the joy and freedom you bring to it. it is hard to find freedom in the chains of life but when they start clanging just right it is quite beautiful isn't it."
... Monk E. Wilson

"'The Princess and the Frog' is my favorite. I've been listening to your CD back and forth from work for days *grin* "
..... Heidi Bolton

" 'A Minstrel's Life' sounds like Spring."
.... Suzanne Teshera

Produced by Ky Hote
Mastered, Mixing Supervision - Bruce Newman
Creative Consultant - Beth Ann Broadhurst
  • Ky Hote - Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Mandolin

  • Jim Hancock - mandolin
    (Mairi's Wedding/Over the Waterfall)
  • Bob Bielefeld - flutes
    (Bear Dance/Nonesuch/Lie Lie Lie)
  • Joe Jewell - dulcimer
    (Moses Freed the Slaves)
  • Frank O'Gara - fiddle
    (Campbell's Farewell/Horse's Bransle)
  • Gabriele Decker - concertina
    (Campbell's Farewell/Horse's Bransle)
  • Vicki Scuteri - violin
    (Nonesuch/Lie Lie Lie)
  • Drunken Gypsy Choir (Lie, Lie, Lie)
    Tam Soucy, Jim Hancock, Bob Bielefeld, Vicki Scuteri

Mantras And Diatribes cover
Mantras And Diatribes back cover

Mantras And Diatribes

Original songs by Ky Hote - originally released in 2000
Puzzle Peace
Gypsy, My Friend
No Wasted Love
Moses Freed the Slaves
Mantras and Diatribe
Hurrican Son
Foreign Signs
What Must You Think Of Me?
Emotional Waves
Root of the Matter
 (that's not really its name)
All songs by Ky Hote
Featuring Ky Hote, Owl Morrison, Jim Hancock, Beth Galiger, George Ensle, Anne Weiss, Bob Bielefeld, Danny Dollinger, Patty Peebles, Melanie Rose and Moses Morrison
Recorded at Barnstomers and Jimusic Digital Mobile Studios.
Produced by Ky Hote. Mixed and mastered by Ky and Dave Horton.
duplicated by - 100% guaranteed

Live and a Bit Fettered

The remaster of the 1990 casssete release: "Live and Unfettered"
This recording features many of Ky's most requested original songs over the years.
Recorded direct with only Ky vox and Silver, his lovely hollow body silvertone guitar.
Silent Pauses
Pools Of Love
Dominic´s Blues (doggie blues)
    (Dominic Peebles)
The Ballad of the 2
  Lonely Smiles in the Mist
Stay Alive
Watermelon Lady
    (words by
      Ky Hote/ Emily Kaitz)

Can't Stop Now
 (Gotta Be There By 9)
    (Ky Hote/Jenia Walter)
Talking Music Blues
Cold In Colorado
Snowbird (high highway to austin)
Grand Ol´ Place To Be
What About Me?
Originally recorded to accompany the songbook
  Where Have I heard That Before (out of print)
Featuring Ky Hote ­ Guitar & Vocals
Recorded at Fishtraks in Portsmouth, NH
Produced by Ky Hote & Rick Watson
remastered for CD by Ky Hote 2002
duplicated by - 100% guaranteed