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  • Web Design,
  • Web Consulting
  • Web Maintenance
  • Hosting and
       domain registration

Onehand Productions
Mission Statement:
A website is an interactive work of art.
Tuned towards the audience you want to visit your site, we seek to build pages
that are easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.
Simplicity means the most important information will come up
on the screen as you open the page.
You supply the art that represents your individuality
and Onehand Productions brings it to cyber life.

Pricing guidelines:
Web consulting is priced on an hourly basis.
For large project and complete website creation, a flat rate is preferred - usually about 10 hours per full website.
All work is guaranteed. If you don't like it, I start all over until I get it done.

A "full" website is generally defined by 5 main pages and navigation between the pages.
For instance, a musician might want a website with:
  1. home page
  2. calendar
  3. biography
  4. photos
  5. contact page/links
Prices are based on recieving digital material.
All materials must be supplied as text and digital images (most file formats accepted).

Hosting/Domain partnership prices:
1 year Domain registration $25
1 year web hosting $125
     includes: one email account
and webmaster services of Ky Hote

Clearlight Communications is our preferred Cyber hosting service
click here for list of past and present clients

Past and Current Client list
with selected links
some of these sites have changed hands, some have been discontinued

Musicians, Performers Artists Venues, Music Services
  • BanjoJims
  • Alice's Restaurant
  • The Austin Outhouse
  • Barnstormers Music
  • Road Work Music
Retail Business Corporate, Contractors Teachers, Visionaries, Writers