Gypsy Rox
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Ky Hote

Guitar player * Composer/Arranger * Actor

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Ky Hote has been called the most dangerous guitar player on the Renaissance Faire circuit. His distinctive and dynamic approach to the acoustic guitar thrills and amazes his listeners young and old. He has appeared regularly at Ren Faires in Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oklahoma and of course his home state, Texas. He has been featured in the Irish band Crannog, and the hammer dulcimer band Featherstone. He also performs as half the duo, Gypsy Rox.

While other guitar players rely on open tunings and amplified effects, Ky is out of the box with his adventurous arrangements of Celtic and Gypsy standards such as Road to Lisdoornvarna or Keriboushka. His repertoire is always augmented by improvisational works suited to the audience. His character charms and delights his audience while his minstrel songs earn him their dedication as fans.

In 1989, Ky began his Renaissance Faire career as the guitar player for the Moxie Puppets body-puppet show at the Michigan Renaissance Faire and he also played the drums for the Royal Joust. There in Texas, he used his fast talking improvisatory skills and his talent for standing still as an enchanted statue selling views of the "Magic Box" to passers by. His eloquence and charm won over the hearts of many patrons and his guitar playing made him a much sought after player. In 2001 he was the bass player for the "Masque" finale of Texas Rennaissace Faire. In 2005, he produced an album featuring the bandura player, Oksana Moshinsky and fiddler Michi Rieger.

Versatile and a fast learner, he has been part of the "B teams" of such groups as Cantiga, As You Like It, The Burly Minstrels, and the Generica Consort. In 1998 he began playing with Joe Jewell and settled into the first group to engage him as a full time partner. In 2005 he joined Crannog and in 2007 he formed Gypsy Rox with fiddler Lauren Mahlerox. And when he finds time he is often seen with Jim Hancock and Owl Morrison, both of whom he has also recorded with.

Ky Hote is a multi-talented artist. His Bachelors Degree in Music Composition is complimented by his many years of hobo-style traveling around North America. His singer/songwriter identity and his George Harrison Tributes have brought to venues such as The Cactus Cafe in Austin, TX and Banjo Jim's in NYC. Ky Hote has been noted by musicians such as David Peel, Michelle Shocked, David Amram, Dar Williams and John Hartford for his contributions to our musical heritage.