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Joe Jewell and Featherstone
Hammer Dulcimer maestro Joe Jewell
is known on the folk circuit by festival owners, managers, directors, fellow musicians
and staff as the hardest working performer on the circuit. He is a high-energy,
audience interactive musician with a diverse and very large repertoire.
Joined by Ky Hote's dangerous guitar playing in 1998,
their repertoire has only grown more diverse and exciting.

Ky Hote is instrumental on 2 Featherstone albums:
  • Fantasy at the Faire
            including favorites such as
    • Hall of the Mountain King
    • Pumperston's Hornpipe
    • the them from "Carmen"
    • Cantiga 281
  • O Beautiful Star
             a compilation of instrumental Christmas carols
            dating from medieval times to the early 20th century

Ky Hote & Owl
perform original songs, unusual
cover tunes and instrumentals
on guitar, viola, and voices.
Often joined by other musicians on stage,
their eclectic style and wide repertoire
make them welcome at
Folk coffeehouses, Contemporary Songwriter concerts, Folk Festivals,
Restaurant dinner Music, Psychedelic Showcases
and many other venues.
Ky Hote and Owl released Melange together in 1995
featuring classics such as "Nightime in Kandor," "Movin," and "Grassfire"

Ky and Owl have also collaborated on various solo albums.
In performance, they are likely to draw from any of these albums
as well as celtic, gypsy and other traditional musics,
George Harrison songs and the Avante Jug Band tradition.

Ky Hote solo albums
  • Live and Unfettered
  • Mantras and Diatribe
  • Love On Your Mind
  • Austin Blues
  • Folksinger's Log 11/30
  • Please Choose One
Owl Morrison solo albums
  • Playing With Matches
  • Sister Viola
  • Pixy's Pleasure
  • Opus Won

Gypsy Rox

A young duo with ancient Gypsy and Celtic roots. Fiddler Lauren Mahlerox and the adventurous guitar player Ky Hote present a feast of instrumentals and songs. Their much heralded premier Tennessee Renaissance Festival in 2007 had fans clamoring for a debut recording immediately. They were the featured performers at the Royal Court Dances as well as impressing audiences throughout the faire. The standard repertoire sounds fresh in their hands. Fantasies of Eastern Europe and minstrels passing through town infect the minds of patrons and vendors alike who chance upon them walking down the lane. Their musical wanderings are well arranged and appropriate for any scenario.

Ky and Mike

Ky Hote and Micheal Huebner are an eclectic duo
drawing from rock and roll, jazz and traditional roots.
Best suited for guitar and full trap set, Ky's original songs are brought to life
for any rocking gathering. Their willingness to take chances
and exploit the natural timing they have with each other means
they might bring out a piano, penny whistle, bass or special guest at any moment.